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Ninja Coaching Protocols

Our coaches love our ninjas and we have developed updated coaching protocols to keep our coaches and ninjas safe. Our staff will be trained in promoting and implementing healthy hygiene protocols.

Coach Health Checks

Every Coach will be screened before coming to the gym. This will include a health screening questionnaire and we will also check the temperature of each coach.  No coach will be allowed to come to the gym if they cannot pass the health screening or temperature check. We will always err on the side of caution if any coach feels they may have come into contact with Covid or are experiencing any symptoms.


To reduce the number of people that your ninja will be exposed to, we will be limiting the number of coaches we use during this period. We will have our coaches separated into teams. Each team will coach classes on a different day.

Coaches will try to keep social distancing to all ninjas during a class. For the safety of the ninjas, there may be times when a coach will need to be in close contact with a ninja. Our coaches will be trained in appropriate cleaning and disinfecting procedures, hand hygiene, and contact etiquette.